Renovated historical bridge in the heart of Luxembourg City inaugurated

Jan De Nul Group and the Luxembourg Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure Works today inaugurated in the presence of the Minister for Mobility and Public Works Mr. François Bausch the renovated viaduct La Passerelle. Also known as the Old Bridge of the city, this historic bridge has been widened between 2018 and 2020 by new cycle and pedestrian paths on its both sides.

The nineteenth-century bridge is UNESCO World Heritage and is the southern entrance to the city center and train station. The viaduct has a strong historic character with 24 arches. The bridge is 290 meters long and 45 meters high at the deepest point of the valley.

The project entailed the widening of the road surface of the bridge. A platform has been attached on both sides, resting on supporting pillars anchored in the bridge piers. The extension now serves cyclists and pedestrians; the old cycling path was transformed into a bus lane.