We do not stop at the clean-up, we redevelop

Land, ports and waterways: we clean up and redevelop. It’s what Envisan stands for.
In national or international areas of economic interest, space is becoming scarce whereas demand is increasing.  Former polluted factory premises or dumpsites are remediated and redeveloped into residential and/or commercial sites, together with our partner PSR, into energy parks, industrial sites or even into woodland and nature reserves. There is a growing trend/evolution among companies towards outsourcing, also when it comes to their environmental history. That’s when Envisan comes on the scene, taking over the whole picture, including remediation worries and/or duties. Here as well, our focus is on the maximum re-use of raw materials. It’s not just the plot of land itself that is re-used (Brownfield turned into Greenfield), after an innovative treatment process, the contaminated soil can be re-used as a secondary raw material. Think, for instance, of stones and sand for infrastructure works. A fine example of how Envisan embraces the circular economy.

Next to cleaning up, remediating and redeveloping polluted sites, Envisan does exactly the same for contaminated ports, docks and waterways. In a first phase, the polluted sediments are removed, a process also referred to as ‘environmental dredging’. The next phase is the remediation programme: the re-use of these purified sediments in infrastructure works. Maximum re-use. Again! For this, we use, among others, two semi-mobile Soil and Sediment Washing Plants, which treat polluted sediments in a physical/chemical process. A unique procedure, for instance in the south of France, which recently made us a preferred partner in this region.