When Place Matuvu makes the paths of project development and maritime works cross

Together with Goethals Promotor Jan De Nul’s project developer PSR will revive Place Matuvu in Knokke. The works for this unique square are in full progress and the sand excavated for the construction works appears to be perfect to be used for the beach replenishment works in Knokke.

In the autumn of 2020 the definitive redevelopment works on the “Albertplein” started. In the meantime, the actual excavation and construction works for the construction of the underground garage complex are underway. This is a spectacular sight, because at the moment, there is already a huge construction pit of about 10 metres deep and the floor plate is being poured on level -2.

To arrive at that depth, about 36,000 m³ of sand had to be excavated. Moreover, soil samples showed that the dune sand was of excellent quality, so we chose to reuse it on the beaches near Surfers Paradise and De Lekkerbek in “het Zoute”. This is how we protect the coast from the impact of the sea in a natural and therefore sustainable way.

In order to ensure that the beach at Surfers Paradise is comfortable and safe for coastal visitors this summer, we first sieved the excavated sand to remove the stones.

Earlier this year, we successfully completed the beach replenishments in Knokke and Raversijde. In total, we restored 4.5 kilometres of beach length in just a few weeks. In order to do so, we dredged 1,400,000 m³ of sand and nourished the beach in order to raise our coastline and protect it against the force of the sea. The fact that the excavated sand from Place Matuvu can also be used for these beach replenishments completes the circle.

Would you like to come and have a look at the works? This summer, you can do so from a terrace, because during the summer months, a pop-up bar will be set up on the “Albertplein” right next to the site.