Willem van Rubroeck explores new limits in dredging

Cutter suction dredgers cannot execute works in challenging weather conditions. Or can they?

Our newbuilt cutter suction dredger Willem van Rubroeck is quite a stunning vessel, that can dredge on higher swells and on harder subsoil. This page gives you a first impression, but did you know that our quarterly newsletter Focus has a whole lot more to offer? Expect to find a load of extra exclusive photos, mind-boggling figures and fascinating video content on this and many other topics. Not  subscribed yet? Time to make it happen!

Willem van Rubroeck

Willem van ­Rubroeck

Total installed diesel power:
41,346 kW

Vessels such as cutter suction dredgers are extremely weather-sensitive. Therefore, they must maintain their exact position at all times. The Willem van Rubroeck makes it easier to deal with unexpected sea conditions that can disturb the entire planning of a project and impact the budget. By making some unique adjustments, our technical department ensured that more movements on the vessel’s structure are allowed and vibrations are absorbed.

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