Vaquita 01
Jan De Nul Group ordered four Unmanned Survey Vehicles to perform hydrographic and quality surveys on maritime and offshore projects. A first in the industry!
Jan De Nul Group and its partners are now starting the actual creation and further development of the mangrove island. An important milestone for the project.
Verkeerscomplex R0xA201
Flemish government gives green light to traffic-safe exchanger in green environment.
Port Hedland Australia
The Pilbara Ports Authority once again engages the expertise of Jan De Nul Group to expand Port Hedland’s infrastructure.
Family visit to Isaac Newton
The Lightning project team in Abu Dhabi organised a family visit for all colleagues to the cable-laying vessel Isaac Newton on 27 April.
Events Jan De Nul
Meet Jan De Nul at Ostend at Anchor, Open Sites Day and the experience exhibition Going Like the Wind
Op maandag 13 mei startten Jan De Nul en TM ROCO* met de bouw van de Kanaaltunnels.
Port of Gdynia
In 2023, we carried out major infrastructure works to maintain and increase the competitive advantage of the port of Gdynia.
Connector Pentland Firth
Both between the Scottish mainland and the island of Hoy and between Ireland and Wales, we installed interconnectors to connect electricity grids.