Emotional reunion
Over a month later, an emotional reunion took place in Indonesia between the crew of TSHD Diogo Cião and the drowning man, who in the meantime had recovered.
beach clean up
The great value of sustainability for Jan De Nul Group once again was yet again proven during a beach clean-up in Doha, where we cleared 32o m³ of waste in less
Jan De Nul awarded key dredging works in Australia
The Pilbara Ports Authority engages the expertise of Jan De Nul Group to dredge the channel and further enhance the safe and sustainable access to the Port.
From Tierra del Fuego to Lapland: Jan De Nul at work in remote areas in the world
More than 6000 employees in more than 70 countries: Jan De Nul Group likes to spread the word.
Important concession for Jan De Nul in Bangladesh
JDN enters into concession agreement with the Government of Bangladesh for the dredging of Payra Port, enhancing the development of the country’s infrastructure
Jan De Nul protects the beaches of Benin
The Beninese Ministry of Living Environment and Sustainable Development kicked off the coastal protection works near the coastal villages Avlékété and Djégbadji
Jan De Nul signs 25 year concession agreement to dredge Guayaquil Port Access Channel
The Municipality of Guayaquil and Jan De Nul Group signed the concession agreement for the deepening and maintenance of the channel to to the port of Guayaquil.
Jan De Nul wins DPC Award in Amsterdam
Jan De Nul Group wins the 'DPC Coastal Port Dredging Project of the Year Award’ for its sustainable approach in port dredging.
Jan De Nul will dredge Access Channel to Guayaquil Port
Jan De Nul Group is awarded a new concession contract in South America: deepening and maintenance dredging of the 95-km access channel to the port of Guayaquil