Bénin – Avlékéte & Ouidah

Avlékéte & Ouidah, Benin

In 2018, Jan De Nul Group transported the first rocks to build a 5 km long submerged breakwater off the Benin coast. With this project, the Benin government wants to reduce coastal erosion. Jan De Nul Group will be working on this project for three years, installing one to three tonne rocks and supplying 2.5 million m³ of sand.

Because it is located on the Atlantic Ocean, the Benin coastline is prone to erosion. Jan De Nul Group investigated and found a solution in nature: coral reefs. We designed a 5 km long sub-sea breakwater running parallel to the shore at a distance of 180 metres. Just like a coral reef, the breakwater absorbs part of the wave energy, whereby the wave force is reduced when it reaches the coast. As a result, sand will move less and erosion decreases. Because the dyke is located underwater, the view to the horizon remains undisturbed. Jan De Nul Group also restored the damaged beaches by replenishing them into wide white beaches. Each dry season, which lasts about 3 to 4 months, the vessel Pompeï builds a 2 km stretch of breakwater. This means that the breakwater will be completed early 2021.