Port de Linkou, Taïwan

Linkou port, Taiwan

Taiwan is a country that never sleeps and consumes a lot of electricity. Therefore, it needs stable power supply. To guarantee this supply, power plants must be able to run at full capacity, and this is only possible if they can ship in enough coal. To maximise coal supply, contracting authority Taiwan Power Company needed to deepen the harbour at Linkou. Jan De Nul Group was awarded the contract.

Initially, the deadline for this project was the fall of 2018. But the need for more coal was so high that Taiwan Power Company gave the instruction in October 2017 to shorten the deadline by half a year. Together with client Hung Hua, we researched a solution: a large hopper dredger would extract the material pre-cut by the suction cutter and then discharge it in Taipei Port. Such a hopper dredger is a lot bigger than a split barge and can tackle heavier weather conditions. Suction cutter Niccolò Machiavelli took on this task, assisted by the Vasco da Gama and later the Vitus Bering. We reused the dredging spoils immediately to create additional land in the nearby Taipei Port.