Argentine – Vega Pleyade

Offshore gas and condensate field Vega Pleyade, Argentina

Offshore gas and condensate field Vega Pleyade

At the southern tip of Argentina lies the Vega Pleyade offshore gas and condensate field. The field is located in the Cuenca Marina Austral 1 (CMA-1) concession, off the coast of Tierra del Fuego. Since 1978, Total has been running the CMA-1 concession. It extracts 30 percent of the Argentine gas with Tierra del Fuego at the centre. Here, Jan De Nul Group worked at one of its most southern projects for Total.

We installed a 75 km pipeline system between the gas rig and the existing Rio Cullen facilities. In addition, we carried out deepening dredging works for a 2-metre channel 11.142 km off the coast, to ensure stability at the bottom of the pipeline. We also pulled cables and pipelines on land. For this project, we mobilised both trailing suction hopper dredgers Niña and Kaishuu and the extended excavating tool Starfish.