Plan to keep control

The safety of our personnel and all external workers who are involved in our work is very important to us.

Both on board of our vessels and on our construction sites, we apply high safety standards. By thoroughly training our employees in the applicable rules and procedures, we can maintain operational control during high-risk activities. We remain committed to anchor safety and quality even stronger in all our activities because we strongly believe that prevention is always better than the cure.

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Critical operations

Critical operations are activities with a potential risk for serious incidents.
  • Working at height

    Always protect yourself from falling when working at height.

  • Lifting operations

    Always properly plan and execute lifting activities.

  • Tasks requiring LOTO

    Always correctly isolate equipment before the task is started.

  • Vehicle movements

    Always comply with road or site traffic rules related to your vehicle.

  • No-Go zones

    Never place yourself in a position where you can be struck by moving objects.

  • Maritime situational awareness

    Always be aware of the situation on the vessel and its surroundings.

  • Marine transfer

    Always engage in safe personnel marine transfer