Colleagues in Batam

ITA starts from home

In Batam (Indonesia), employees of Jan De Nul Group found a great way to put ITA in the spotlight. During a family day, they organized games and a quiz to showcase how ITA is much more than just safety. It is a culture, a mindset in which people actively think about what they want to achieve (Imagine), about how they want to get there (Think), and to then actually do it (Act). And at every step along the way, you stop and think: are there any risks or opportunities lurking somewhere? Can a certain process be optimized? Is there something running not as smoothly as hoped for or planned?

Having an ITA mindset means you really master principles, that you internalize them. You can only truly be ITA when it flows through your veins, when you breathe it, when you think of it, so to speak, as soon as you wake up. It was therefore no coincidence that a family day was organized: ITA is not only bound to work. An ITA mindset is developed within the most elementary organization in the world: your family, your home. Not entirely illogical, "ITA starts at home" became the slogan for the family day.

Base Manager Luc Verley: "When someone implements Imagine-Think-Act in his or her daily life, it will be reflected in behavior at work." Luc considers safety a top priority in every project, but likes to emphasize that it's more than just helmets, safety shoes, rules and regulations. "An ITA culture can only be truly realized when you create ownership within your company, when employees feel responsibility. It's a way of thinking, a spirit."

In order to ensure that the ITA fire would keep burning after the family day was over, there was decided to set up a fortnightly friendly competition on ITA implementation on the home front. "We are absolutely convinced that this will contribute to a better approach and control of the activities within our company," says Luc. Everyone present at the family day also signed the ITA banner that was hanging out, as a token of their commitment. Today, the banner hangs from the offices where they work. "This makes 'ITA starts at home' a way of life for our employees."