First foreign transport of contaminated material to Monsin valorisation centre

In the heart of Liège, Envisan operates a soil valorisation centre for the processing and valorisation of soils and sediments. Recently, for the first time, the centre received a barge from across the French border with contaminated but harmless soil. The material will be decontaminated so that it can be reused in the Liège construction sector.

Envisan has several soil and sediment valorisation centres in Belgium and France. One of them is physicochemical remediation plant Sol&Val in the Liège port area Ile Monsin. Thanks to the trimodal accessibility (by rail, water and road) of Sol&Val Monsin, Envisan can also serve neighbouring countries with its remediation activities.

On October 14, the centre received its first shipment of contaminated soil from the Grand-Est region of France (Metz). The Autonomous Port of Liege made every effort to organize this first transshipment from across the French border, which was an administrative feat. Previously, this type of import traffic escaped Wallonia because the region did not allow it.

Envisan will first dry screen the soil. It will then go through the physicochemical washing plant to be cleaned, treated and recycled. Afterwards, Envisan will put the washed sand and aggregates back on the market as secondary raw materials for new local projects. 100% circular.