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Jan De Nul gives textiles a second life

Did you know that the textile industry is one of the most CO2-intensive industries in the world? Stroom vzw from Aalst therefore wants to increase the lifespan of textiles and reduce their impact on the planet. And they are starting locally. With the 'Mobile giving points' project, they are placing several giving points in Aalst so that residents or employees can drop off textiles a stone's throw from their home or work. They collect and process the clothes in order to offer them afterwards in local recycling shops. Soon there will also be such a giving point at Jan De Nul in Aalst!

As a company, Jan De Nul is happy to support this recycling project. That is why we will soon have two Stroom vzw giving points installed at our office in Aalst.

This way, colleagues can deposit items of clothing they no longer wear, but which are still in good condition, at the office. So they can give their clothing a second life.

The mobile giving points are monitored with a filling metre. When the giving point is almost full, a notification is sent to the Fietserij, another project of Stroom vzw, which comes to empty the giving point. Stroom vzw accurately keeps track of the number of collections.

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