Jan De Nul Group wins DPC Innovation Award 'Best Dredging Equipment'

Jan De Nul Group pockets the DPC Innovation Awards for Best Dredging Equipment with the Sediment Transfer Unit design and construction for the transportation of contaminated sediments in Malta.

To allow future efficient businesses in the port of Valetta, the polluted Marsa harbour needed redevelopment. Malta has insufficient facilities to safely dredge, store, treat and dispose the large volume of contaminated sediments, nor space to create temporary facilities.

Therefore, Jan De Nul Group designed and constructed a Sediment Transfer Unit (STU) and mobilized a TSHD, in order to transport the sediments to a treatment site overseas. After dredging the contaminated sediments in the harbour, large objects were sieved off in the STU, before being pumped into the hopper without the addition of water. 
The screened and transportable volume was limited to a minimum and the bottom doors of the vessel were sealed to avoid accidental spill during transport. The vessel discharged the material itself at a treatment site overseas.