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New urban district by the canal

News article published in Mechelen city magazine 'DE NIEUWE MAAN' | JUNE 2023

There is a lot going on between the Postzegellaan and the Leuvense Vaart. The brand-new family-friendly residential area Guldendal, for instance, is nearing completion. Next on the agenda? The MALT project.

The name for the new urban district 'MALT' is a playful reference to the former malting plant 'Malterie Vandermolen', where grains were turned into malt. Malt is used for beer, whisky and a number of foodstuffs, amongst other things. Later on, the factory was used for other industrial purposes as well. Now, the industrial zone next to the canal and the Postzegellaan has been completely abandoned for several years.


Fortunately, this area found new owners in property developers PSR-CODIC and TERVIA'S-TRIGINTA. They want to preserve the iconic heritage character of the site by completely renovating the beautiful old industrial buildings into magnificent office buildings. They will also build some new-construction offices, as well as 39 single-family dwellings and 25 flats. MALT will be a lively place with lots of green spaces that will be open to everyone. All buildings will be connected by a park covering more than 4 acres. Also part of the plans: lots of recreational elements, a jeu-de-boules field, ping-pong tables and space for some catering establishments.


The site is close to the railway station, which comes in handy for people going to work by train or bus. The new neighbourhood is also easily accessible by car: people can drive straight into the underground car park via the Postzegellaan. This allows the site itself to remain low-traffic. Above ground, walkers and cyclists will easily find their way using the clearly marked bicycle and footpaths.


In the past, rubber was produced and wood processed on this site. These activities have left their mark. That is why, prior to the start of the construction works, the soil will first be decontaminated. In the future, MALT will be a highly sustainable new urban district. Excess rainwater will be collected and the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas, petroleum and coal will be limited to an absolute minimum. Living there will be almost energy-neutral, as – thanks to their excellent insulation and ventilation – the houses will consume almost no energy at all. You will also find here the first offices in Mechelen with a BREEAM certificate. This means that they’ve received an excellent overall sustainability score. For this, ten environmental aspects were tested, such as waste, water, energy, material use, innovation, etc.

MALT will be a new urban district with respect for the past and attention to the future.


Greet Geypen and Alexander Vandersmissen

Elderman for urban renewal and Mayor City of Mechelen

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