Residential project Achter de Bist breathes new life into abandoned building materials site in Wilrijk.

Last night, developer PSR and the Binst Architects design bureau, officially presented the recently approved construction plans for the new residential project Achter de Bist in Wilrijk. The closest neighbours were the first to receive the news during an information meeting. The abandoned building site will soon become a pleasant low-traffic residential area.

With the realisation of a total of 23 houses, 15 appartments, an underground car park and 1 community room amidst approximately 2,000 m² of greenery, Achter de Bist offers the opportunity to numerous new residents to enjoy quality living close to the centre of Wilrijk, just behind the Bist.

In June, the demolition works will start, followed by an archaeological research. After that, a future-oriented new city story begins.

PSR upgrades site that was underused for years.

The project area lies like a triangle between the Pater de Dekenstraat, Vuurmolenstraat, Boekstraat and Bist. This abandoned site, formerly used as a building materials business, did not fit in with this residential and peaceful environment in Wilrijk.

  Jan De Nul Group - Achter de Bist

Johan Geeroms, Managing Director PSR: "By reusing and sustainably upgrading this former business location, Achter de Bist gives a face to the contemporary vision of urban renewal in which optimum use of space is a central theme. Scarce space, especially at a centre location, is cleverly used here. In this way, we are meeting the needs of many families who are looking for a sustainable place to live with all the advantages of the city, but without the rush."

PSR opts for an optimal integration and quality architecture.

Together with the Antwerp design bureau Binst Architects and landscape architect Avantgarden, PSR has been looking for a design that corresponds with the image of the neighbourhood as much as possible. Hence, the inner area will optimally match with the surroundings, without losing its own character. These guidelines were already presented to the local community in 2021.

After further fine-tuning of the plans, Achter de Bist was recently granted an environmental permit. Along the street side, the flats blend in with the existing residential environment, with a wink to the currently used art deco style. In the inner area, there will be a mix of semi-open and closed houses having two to five bedrooms, with the possibility of adding a practice room as well. The greenery in the inner area provides a pleasant meeting place for the residents of Achter de Bist. A community meeting room in the middle of the area is available to all residents and can serve as a gathering space, meeting room, hobby room or reception area for postal packages, laundry and ironing services. This location aims to ensure sustainable, quiet and comfortable living in green surroundings.

Jan De Nul Group - Achter de Bist

Melissa Janssens, Project Architect Binst Architects: "The project area borders on about 40 parcels of land. Hence, together with PSR, we soon decided to tailor the plans entirely to the comfort and privacy of the neighbours and the new residents. We consciously opted for a small-scale project of one and two-storey houses with sufficient distance between the new and existing facades. We create the distance by connecting the new gardens to the existing ones. The volumes will also be landscaped as a walk-through with great attention to the lights and views of all residents."

Annelies Van Liefferinge, Development Manager PSR: "Achter de Bist has become a balanced plan with an eye for both the living quality of the new residents and the environment. As such, we want to turn it into a pleasant residential area that also adds value to the environment. Remember that about 3 years ago, there was an impacting business activity on this site. So it's a real metamorphosis."


PSR is putting maximum effort to developing a sustainable housing project.

Achter de Bist will be one of the most sustainable residential projects in the centre of Wilrijk:

  • 4,000 m² of grey pavement will make way for around 2,000 m² of green space, which will be good for maximum infiltration and recovery of rainwater. Future trees in the housing project will also provide oxygen, shade and better drainage.

  • The residential volumes will have solar panels and green roofs.

  • All houses and appartments will be built according to the BEN-principle, near-zero energy.

  • Air-water heat pumps will provide heating.

  • The collective underground car parks with electric charging facilities will make the residential area car-free and provide a parking space not only for their own residents, but also for local neighbours.

  • Achter de Bist gets a mobiscore of 9/10.

This new urban story starts with an extensive archaeological research.

The project name Achter de Bist refers to the centre of Wilrijk: 'de Bist', a stone's throw from the new housing project. Preliminary archaeological research showed that archaeological finds from the (late) Neolithic period up to and including WWII might still be present. Therefore, this project will start with an archaeological research this summer; before the actual construction works begin.

Developer PSR appointed an archaeology study bureau that will carry out the necessary trial trenches, excavations and investigations on the site from this summer onwards.

Achter de Bist expects to welcome its first residents in the autumn of 2024.

The start of the construction works depends on the archaeological research. By carrying out the construction works in one phase, PSR wants to keep the turnaround time for the neighbourhood and interested buyers as short as possible. Currently, PSR strives to complete the entire project by the autumn of 2024.

The commercialisation is currently being prepared and the Antwerp real estate office Ikoon Real Estate will be in charge of the sale. In order to stay posted about the housing supply and the progress of Achter de Bist please check the project website:

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Achter de Bist is a quiet and comfortable residential project on the site between Boekstraat, Pater de Dekenstraat, Vuurmolenstraat and De Bist. There will be a total of 38 houses and appartments with space for underground parking. With this project, developer PSR wants to upgrade a site that has been underused for years and create a high-quality and sustainable residential opportunity in the centre of Wilrijk. Be the first to be informed via :