100x100 ASATT Voka

A special Valentine's date

Today, Julie De Nul spoke with the young businesswoman Karen de Sousa Pesse about entrepreneurship. What are the do's and don't's, what do you dream of and what is achievable, what are the possible pitfalls and what should you absolutely go for? An inspiring hour for both participants.

This virtual talk is part of an initiative by the entrepreneurial youth organisation A Seat At The Table and Flemish network for entrepreneurs Voka. Every year, they bring together 100 top CEOs, ministers, party chairmen and ambassadors with 100 young people in 100 speed dates. Not a debate with prepared Q&As, but a 1-on-1 conversation on how young people can do business and grow together with the business world.

A bridge between young diverse talent and the business world

A Seat At The Table is an organisation that wants to push young diverse talent in our society forward through weekly leadership, entrepreneurship and mentoring programmes with the top of the Belgian and international business world. Over the past three years, A Seat At The Table has organised more than 700 activities with young talent with diverse roots and backgrounds and leading and inspiring figures in Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, London, Paris and New York.