SJC students towing 69 tonnes of JDN trucks

Students of SJC Aalst tow three JDN trucks of 69 tonnes in total

On Tuesday 5 December, 24 students from Sint-Jozefscollege in Aalst visited Jan De Nul's sites in Hofstade near Aalst. They did so with a special purpose: to flex their muscles and together pull a semi-trailer loaded up to 40 tonnes. In the end, they exceeded everyone's, and especially their own, expectations and managed to pull a tanker and unloaded trailer on top of that, all together accounting for 69 tonnes. The exercise was not just a test of muscular strength, but fitted in perfectly with the students' sports science education. With this, Jan De Nul wants to enthuse the students to put theory into practice.

Getting students excited about engineering and science is what we love at Jan De Nul. So we were delighted to set up an exercise for the second-year sports science students at SJC in Aalst to pull large weights together. Besides the sporting exercise and accompanying explanation, the students also received more information about the blind spots of trucks. In other words, it was an interesting hour, both for the students and for the Jan De Nul employees, who were amazed by the large weight the group managed to pull forward. For their remarkable achievement, the students received a water bottle and safety helmet to take home.