Valorisation centre near Toulon on the rise

Our Envisan site near Toulon is only five years old and yet the activities of the soil and sediment treatment centre (CPEM) are well established. An awareness-raising campaign made the local construction sector more familiar with the valorisation of dredging sediments. “We must keep in mind that this kind of sediment management is only twenty years old”, says Lilian Rahyr, technical-commercial manager of CPEM.

Our valorisation centre in Toulon has an annual processing capacity of 160,000 m³. With innovative and safe solutions, it can take over a wide range of non-harmful mineral waste substances, including contaminated soil and dredged sediments. The materials treated in this centre are revalorised to be used as construction material or for other applications. “In 2019, we saw a continuous increase in soil supply, such as sediments. In addition, 80 percent of our volumes were upgraded”, says Lilian.

However, it took some time before the centre was able to shake off the wrong image of landfill from the clients. Especially the expansion works in Monaco were important for the development of the site. The large quantities of sediments to be treated led to investments in an efficient treatment process and the installation of a physicochemical washing plant specifically developed for contaminated soils and sediments.

Meanwhile, Lilian clearly sees an evolution. “We now notice that the market is maturing. Public or private clients have become more aware. Everyone is working in the same direction with the administrations involved.” A working group is currently developing a guide for the re-use of sediments in road construction. A new step towards the valorisation of materials and a sustainable link within the circular economy.