Chefs days

Very first edition of chef days was great success

Good food, good mood. Our chief cooks are a crucial link in keeping our crew in good spirits on board. The well-being on board is not only determined by what goes through the stomach, but still to a very large extent. Following our annual captains and chief engineers days, we also organized chefs days for the first time. A meeting that makes it possible to be inspired, to share experiences and to exchange ideas.

Every day, around the clock, a hundred or so chefs on our vessels give their best. Life on board is one of long working days, especially when the vessel is in operation. A meal must therefore be very nutritious and is consumed quite quickly the chefs explain. Ideally, they eat everyday food, but because there is often a hugely diverse crew on board, this is not always an obvious task. After all, everyone expects something different. The cooks therefore start each meal from a few basic dishes such as meat, fish, rice, potatoes, pasta and vegetables.

The chef’s life on board is not all about cooking good meals. Because the chef on board is also a bit of the 'Hotel Manager'. He makes sure that the stores and fridges are replenished and tidy, but also that all cabins have fresh sheets on time. Moreover, they must also be able to plan well. Because on board, you don't have the chance to go shopping several times a week. They need to buy food thoughtfully and then make conscious choices of what they will use up first. When their food supply starts to dwindle, they need to be able to call on their creativity.

A source of creativity and knowledge that we are happy to take beyond the vessels accommodation. From 21 to 23 June, eleven chief cooks came to Belgium to be immersed in team building activities off the grid and food themes at Pakt in Antwerp.We look back on a successful first edition of these training days!

The agenda included the following activities:

  • Team building activities such as sheep herding, game picking and knife forging;
  • Workshops and inspiration sessions around a sustainable food chain, internal communication, innovative cooking, setting up the Galley;
  • Tour of the office in Aalst;
  • Tasty food.