Beach clean-up at Dubai waterfront

Our colleagues in the United Arab Emirates rolled up their sleeves on Saturday July 11. In total, they cleaned up over 3,500 kg of waste.

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Worldwide we are all feeling the impact of climate change along our coastal regions, with higher sea levels and more extreme weather events.

Jan De Nul gains award once more for sustainable entrepreneurship
For the third year in a row JDN has been awarded the Voka Sustainable Business Charter in recognition of the implementation of its sustainability plan.
Jan De Nul Group, project development, Mechelen Inofer
PSR and Codic redevelop former Inofer site
in Mechelen
Hopper Dredger Alexander von Humboldt is the first to sail 2,000 hours on 100% sustainable marine biofuel
Jan De Nul Group has completed 2,000 hours using 100% renewable Biofuel Oil (BFO) on board of the Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger Alexander von Humboldt

Our Envisan site near Toulon is only five years old, and yet it is already well established.

Will we soon be eating oysters from our offshore wind farms?

Offshore wind farms not only supply green electricity, they can also facilitate nature restoration and aquaculture.

Over 150 volunteers cleared no less than 4.5 tons of waste.

Over 150 volunteers cleared no less than 4.5 tons of waste.