• Constructing the energy transition

    Constructing the energy transition

    ​​​​​​We take a leading role in the energy transition. Not only by installing tried and tested forms as interconnectors and offshore wind farms, but also by researching new possibilities...

  • Bio-piles

    Valorising polluted soils with minimal ecological footprint

    Jan De Nul and its daughter companies Envisan and PSR give contaminated sites a second lease of life, thanks to a wide range of remediation techniques.

  • Sustainable beach nourishments

    Protecting coastlines with sustainable methods

    To protect our coast and the hinterland from the impact of climate change, we need to repair our beaches every year. With our sustainable beach nourishments, we display a world first in the sector.

Reports 2021 - 2022

Sustainability Report

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Annual Report 2022

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