VRT Morgen
The official foundation stone of the new VRT House on Reyerslaan has been laid. This happened Wednesday morning under the approving eye of VRT CEO Frederik...
NEO LEGIA - Rives Ardentes
On the occasion of the finished bicycle and pedestrian bridge 'La Passerelle des Reflets', an memorable visit day took place in the company of the first buyers.
CLV Fleeming Jenkin
Jan De Nul orders a next-generation cable laying vessel, Fleeming Jenkin, with a cable carrying capacity of 28,000 tonnes.
World Cleanup Day in Brussels
On Friday 15 September, many Jan De Nul colleagues participated in World Cleanup Day and cleared 2010 kg of litter across different sites.
Jan Fordeyn - Sand as a Resource
Sand is one of the most exploited resources in the world. To reverse the negative impacts of this, the dredging sector is taking its responsibility.
Colleague Mieke De Mûelenaere
Our colleague Mieke De Mûelenaere on her experiences in the dredging sector.
Parc Astrid Rives Ardentes
Today, Ministers Christophe Collignon and Frédéric Daerden, Mayor of the City of Liège Willy Demeyer and First Deputy-Mayor Christine Defraigne, as well ...
Envisan wins award for river transport
Envisan, the environmental subsidiary of Jan De Nul, was awarded a prize for its river transport on the Day of Inland Navigation and Intermodality.
MALT totaalproject
One year after the demolition of the last remaining buildings by the developers PSR-CODIC-TRIGINTA, Mayor Alexander Vandersmissen and Alderwoman for Urban ...