Amoras, Belgium

AMORAS, an acronym that stands for Antwerpse Mechanische Ontwatering, Recyclage en Applicatie van Slib. With this project, the Flemish Authority and Municipal Harbour Enterprise Antwerp invest in a sustainable project for the processing of more than 2.5 million m³ maintenance dredging spoils from the Port of Antwerp each year. The assignment was awarded to the SeReAnt consortium, of which Envisan is part.

The total volume dumped in the specially designed storage cell is considerably smaller than the initial amount of sediments, since reusable soil is separated and different dewatering processes remove water from the sediments. Dewatering happens in 4 consolidation ponds, with a capacity of 120,000 m³ each, and via mechanical dewatering using 12 chamber filter presses each with a capacity of 21.5 m³.