Arpechim, Romania

Design, Build & Operation of a Waste-to-Energy plant

Contracted by the Romanian oil refiner Petrom, Envisan rehabilitated three large oil holding lagoons in Arpechim, one of the largest Romanian refineries. For this, Envisan developed and built an advanced processing installation that could incinerate up to 180,000 m³ contaminated silt without using any external fuel, and recovering the energy produced.

The installation consists of a pre-processing zone, thermal processing using a turbine to convert steam into electricity, a wastewater treatment installation and a storage area. After having treated the Petrom silt, Envisan converted the installation into a waste-to-energy plant, so that other waste could be processed too.

In November 2019, we successfully completed this waste-to-energy project, including the cessation of its operation by Jan De Nul Group.