Kortrijk bus- en fietstunnel

Bus and bicycle tunnel in Kortrijk, Belgium

By order of the Flemish Roads and Traffic Agency, Belgium, Jan De Nul built a new bus and bicycle tunnel near the Kortrijk railway station. The 35-meter 1,500-tonnes tunnel was constructed right next to its final installation spot, and then slid into place during the first weekend of April 2021.

The new bus and bicycle tunnel connects the station’s south and city centre sides. It will allow regular buses and bicycles a safe passage, undisturbed by car traffic.

The tunnel connects the all-new underground car park under the Conservatoriumplein on the north side with an access slope on the south side.

Sliding operation

Early April 2021 the tunnel was pushed into its final position. The soil under the railway tracks was excavated and the tunnel was lifted and put on rails. This allowed Jan De Nul to push the 35-meter 1,500-tonnes tunnel into place. The sliding operation took about 8 hours.