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Diegem De Lediaan

Diegem 'De Lediaan', A green environment for every Diegem resident.

A former quarry and then landfill was left abandoned for over 40 years and will now be given a new residential destination with a large public park. With the remediation and redevelopment of the former Desmedt site, we present ourselves as a pioneer in upgrading landfills and in their sustainable integration within the environment.

The former Desmedt site used to be a quarry for the typical Lediaan sandstone. This high-quality stone was used for the construction of churches and palaces in Brabant.  Today, this site fits within the definition of a brownfield: after the sandstone extraction activities stopped in 1960, the site was used as a landfill for construction rubble until 1977, after which it was abandoned. After acquiring the site, we began its sustainable upgrading to a large publicly accessible park with space for ground-level housing, studios, city apartments, park apartments and penthouses.

acres of surface area
acres of collective gardens
acres of public park
residential units

“For the former landfill in Diegem, we have examined and assessed the potential of a possible reclamation. The material that has been dumped here over the years mainly consists of construction rubble and should therefore be easy to sieve. Where possible, the sorted rubble will be used as foundation material for roads and buildings. We will not only treat the waste substances found in the soil but we will re-use both the historically dumped construction rubble and the site itself. As such, we fully meet the circular ‘Waste to Land’ and ‘Waste to Materials’ principles.”

Johan Geeroms, Managing Director PSR

De Lediaan brings the village together.

  • Jan De Nul Group, projectontwikkeling, Diegem De Lediaan

    More space with a large public park

    The new quarter ‘De Lediaan’ will become Diegem’s green lung.

  • Jan De Nul Group, projectontwikkeling, Diegem De Lediaan

    Optimum mobility for every Diegem resident

    Living in a real village, ideally accessible and very close to Brussels.

  • Jan De Nul Group, projectontwikkeling, Diegem De Lediaan

    A green environment as meeting area

    'De Lediaan' brings the village together in a public park of 4.45 acres.

  • Jan De Nul Group, projectontwikkeling, Diegem De Lediaan

    Space for sustainable living

    With various housing typologies: from housing, studios, city apartments, parc apartments to penthouses. 

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Jan De Nul Group, projectontwikkeling, Diegem De Lediaan