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Knokke Matuvu

The Albertplein (or Albert Square) in Knokke will become the ultimate ‘place m’as-tu-vu’

In recent years, the Albertplein alongside the sea bank has been losing a bit of its appeal along with some community spaces and catering facilities. The coastal town of Knokke-Heist concluded an agreement with the partnership Jan De Nul Group and Goethals Promotor to re-convert the town’s beating heart into the place-to-be that it once was.

This urban renovation project includes the construction of a 2-floor underground car park, the reconstruction of the surrounding roads and a complete redesigning of the above-ground public square. The renovated Albertplein will become an ode to light and invite people to watch but also to be seen. The new grand and stylish square, executed in high-quality materials with the addition of the construction of a highly unique and prestigious glass catering pavilion designed by architect Philippe Samyn and Partners will most definitely revitalise this place.

“The design evokes a feeling of infinity and freedom, a feeling that is even reinforced by the water mirror all around the pavilion that makes the hemisphere look like a genuine sphere. The purpose is to revitalise the Albertplein, to entice people to come and see it for themselves, also to be seen of course and to dream away with the sun on their skin and a magnificent view of the sea.”

Architect Philippe Samyn and Partners

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To properly inform local residents and interested persons about the present construction plans, the envisaged phasing of the works, the site layout and the measures that are taken to limit the nuisance and maintain accessibility, a specific project website has been launched on which all available project information and an answer to the most frequently asked questions can be found.