Provinciehuis Namen, België

Provincial Government Building Namur, Belgium

Commissioned by the Province of Namur, Jan De Nul has built the new Provincial Government Building uniting all administrative services along the banks of the Sambre River. Aesthetics, innovation and energy efficiency are the three ingredients of this building in the outskirts of the city of Namur.

A symbiosis of man and nature is evident in the design, which is built like a large village around eight rectangular patios. The covering of the patios with opening conservatories ensures a constant supply of fresh air throughout the building. The outside air is not only of decent quality, but also much more hygienic than mechanically distributed 'fresh' air. In cold weather, static air vents at the top of the windows alongside the patios provide ventilation via convectors in the floor, whilst in summer, the granite floors are cooled free of charge. The whole is covered by a photovoltaic sunshade, while white facades maximise the incidence of natural light.

The designer Dr. Ir. Philippe Samyn and Partners makes grateful use of nature to build in an energy-efficient and sustainable way, with only a minimum ecological footprint. Man and nature are united in this project, reflecting an invitation to dialogue and mutual respect.

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