Belgique – Écoles de demain

Schools of Tomorrow, Belgium

NV ‘Scholen van Morgen’ is building 182 nursery, primary and secondary schools, at the Flemish Authority’s initiative. This tackles the historic problem of the ageing educational infrastructure in Flanders. A project that Jan De Nul Group is excited to be involved in.

‘Scholen van Morgen’ is a Public-Private Partnership between the Flemish Authority on the one hand and AG Real Estate and BNP Paribas Fortis on the other. In total, Jan De Nul Group built fourteen schools for AG Real Estate. The assignment includes design, build and 30-year maintenance. Each School of Tomorrow is a unique project, based on the local needs and vision, and meets all modern sustainability, comfort and flexibility requirements. In total, this covers 710,000 square metres of school infrastructure for 133,000 pupils. Jan De Nul Group has signed a DBM agreement with the client: Design, Build & Maintain. The design of the building is entrusted to an external architects’ firm. As soon as building works start, Jan De Nul Group will take over responsibility for the design.