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  • Voltaire Les Alizés

    How do you build a new generation of vessels?

    Our latest-generation vessels Voltaire and Les Alizés appeal to the imagination. Behind these innovative vessels is a strong team, from designers and naval engineers to commercial experts. But how do you build such state-of-the-art vessels?

  • CAT site

    Environmental solutions with a minimal ecological footprint

    By being creative with land, water and air our environmental division Envisan develops sustainable solutions. With high-tech on-site treatment processes and the reuse of contaminated sites, they provide a circular response to the increasing scarcity of land. And all this with a minimal ecological footprint.

  • Val'Up

    A recycling centre tailored to a waste sorting machine

    The city of Bergen was in need of a new sorting centre to process even more plastic waste. Within the scope of a Design and Build project, we worked out an overall package: from the design and the realisation of an innovative sorting plant to the entire centre around it.

  • Interconnector

    The world is electrifying, and we are laying the cables

    The world is increasingly pulling the electric card, which increased demand. But our electricity supply is extremely fragmented. How do we get all that energy to as many users as possible? With an enormous network of export cables. Jan De Nul helps countries and companies to meet their electricity needs. Both in Europe, in Asia and in the Middle East.

  • Brazil

    Restoring vulnerable land in Brazil

    Coastal regions in Latin America are increasingly being confronted with brutal natural disasters and severe tropical storms. Coastal erosion is affecting the beaches as well as the nearby roads. In order to restore these vital connecting roads for the community and the economy, Brazil worked out a maritime solution together with Jan De Nul.

  • Hedwige-Prosperpolder

    Protecting vulnerable land in Flanders

    Under the influence of extreme weather conditions, rivers can overflow and cause serious damage. That is why the Flemish government launched the Sigma Plan in 1977: a programme for the large-scale strengthening of dikes to protect the hinterland from flooding by the Scheldt. By 2030, as much as 260 km of river land will benefit from this protection.

  • Alternative energy

    Our search for alternative energy

    Private companies are taking the lead in research inti renewable energy sources. Including Jan De Nul, that is investigating the possibilities of biofuels, green methanol and hydrogen. The result: extremely sustainable beach replenishments conducted with fully sustainable biofuel.

  • Tunnel Kortrijk

    An answer for every mobility issue

    Just about every (world) city is therefore struggling with the same problems. Think of air pollution, traffic jams, noise pollution, traffic accidents and poor accessibility. Belgian cities are no exception to this rule. But changes are possible. Jan De Nul supports cities to improve public transport and infrastructure.

  • Office Aalst

    A place where challenging projects start

    A healthy mind in a healthy body, in a healthy building. A good workplace allows people to plan their day better, work together, know what is going on and keep both motivation and productivity high. That is why we are investing ambitiously in the workplace of tomorrow, which promotes creativity, social contact, movement and flexibility. The ideal space to take on the world's most challenging projects with gusto.


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