Toots Thielemans

An answer for every mobility issue

It is no secret: the omnipresent car still rules from Sydney to Chicago. Just about every (world) city is therefore struggling with the same problems. Think of air pollution, traffic jams, noise pollution, traffic accidents and poor accessibility. Belgian cities are no exception to this rule. But changes are possible. More than that, changes are mandatory, because our cities continue to expand. And that is a challenge in which we are happy to take the lead.

Increase supply vs. reduce demand

The main reasons for our mobility problem are not far-fetched. It starts with ourselves. There are simply so much more of us, the population continues to increase dramatically just about everywhere. In addition, we see the car as an easy mobility choice. Many people can afford one (or two) and it is simply what we are used to. Going to work, visiting family or an evening at the cinema? We do it by car.

The result: the roads are congested. Increasing the capacity of our urban planning is not a good idea, because it is immediately filled with more traffic. So what does work? Making the alternatives more attractive, and thus reducing the demand for car infrastructure. For slightly longer journeys, public transport is the answer.

How we support cities - big and small - in their ambitions

Whatever plans cities may have for sustainable mobility, chances are we can be a valuable partner. Of course, that is easy for us to say. So, to prove our point, here are some projects that we executed in 2021: