If it does not exist, we create it ourselves

Even if it means going against the current, we always set our own course

With the filtering technique of our Ultra-Low Emission vessels, we are a ground-breaking pioneer in our sector. With our Nature-Based Solutions, we apply innovative building techniques based on and to the benefit of nature. But we also share our knowledge beyond the sector to stimulate innovative thinking.

  • Texel

    Texel in the Netherlands

    A new dune landscape against the old dyke and a salt marsh landscape on the seaward side. As a result, the transition between land and water is at once more natural and sustainable.

  • Coastbusters


    The reef ‘Coastbusters’ will stabilise the foreshore base, strengthen the ecosystem and reduce erosion. Three ‘biological builders’ have been tested: shellfish (mussels and oysters), seaweed and grasses and sand mason worms.

  • Schelphoek

    Schelphoek in the Netherlands

    On the Schelphoek beach, we created four stone reefs that soon became the natural habitat of seaweed and oysters.