2023 exceeds expectations

Jan De Nul Group started 2023 with a high level of confidence, but our expectations were far exceeded. The turnover continued to grow to 2.9 billion euro, a record in the history of the group.

The turnover continued to grow to 2.9 billion euro, a record in the history of the Group. 

This led to an increase in EBITDA with 39% to 610 million euro or 21% on turnover, globally resulting in a strong profit of 296 million euro. These growth figures were achieved in a balanced manner through various innovative projects and reflect the operational efficiency of our teams across all divisions. This despite the current economic and geopolitical turmoil in several parts of the world.

2023 was also the year in which our next-gen offshore installation vessels, Les Alizés and Voltaire, were deployed on their first projects and where Jan De Nul Group ordered an innovative, XL cable-laying vessel, the Fleeming Jenkin.

Looking forward, Jan De Nul Group started the year 2024 with an unprecedentedly high order book of 8.9 billion euro, an increase of 38% compared to last year. These projects are again well spread across all divisions of the Group.

With this impressive orderbook, our characteristic innovative boldness supported by excellent financial structure, and our ‘impossible is not possible’ mentality, we started 2024 with full confidence.

  • Voltaire in UK waters

    Traditionally, Jan De Nul Group demonstrates a strong solvency ratio and liquidity position.

    Traditionally, Jan De Nul Group demonstrates a strong solvency ratio. Also this year the solvency ratio amounted to almost 60%. The Group’s equity climbed now to almost 3.4 billion euro, showing a year-to-year increase of 9.6%.

    Additionally, the Group’s liquidity position remained strong, even after the continuous innovations and investment in new assets. This is demonstrated by a net cash position of 520 million euro. Jan De Nul Group has now been net debt-free for the last ten years. This rock-solid financial structure is a major competitive asset of Jan De Nul Group.

  • Media building for broadcaster VRT under construction, Belgium

    Jan De Nul Group is operating throughout the world.

    In 2023 Jan De Nul Group undertook 371 projects around the globe. Europe, where all divisions of Jan De Nul Group are traditionally active, represents a strong 44% share of the Group’s turnover. Asia and the Middle East was good for 33% of the Group’s turnover. A 21% share in turnover was attained by the Americas, while Africa contributed 2%.

  • Pedro Alvares Cabral at work in the port of Gdansk, Poland

    The orderbook of 8.9 billion euro is unprecedented.

    Continuously investing in innovative solutions with the newest sustainable technologies remains key. Combined with its skilled people and in-house technical knowhow, Jan De Nul Group stays focused on the future. This is reflected in Jan De Nul Group’s unprecedented order book of 8.9 billion euro, an impressive increase of 38% compared to last year.

Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2023

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Financial Report 2023

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Jan De Nul Group continues to invest in an impressive and unique fleet

Jan De Nul Group shapes water and land. Therefore, based on the vision to create unique solutions worldwide, connect communities and improve infrastructure, the company continues to invest in the specialized and innovative fleet of tomorrow.

  • The Group once again confirmed its contribution to a green future with the order of a pioneering XL cable-laying vessel Fleeming Jenkin. With an unmatched cable-laying capacity of 28,000 tons, this vessel will support the energy and cable industry by installing cables over longer distances and in deeper waters. In addition, state-of-the-art green technologies make the vessel a future-proof asset: ULEv technology, engines that can run on both biofuel and green methanol and a 2,500 kWh energy storage system; these all allow Fleeming Jenkin to operate with remarkably low NOx and greenhouse gas emissions. Fleeming Jenkin is scheduled for delivery in 2026.
  • The offshore jack-up installation vessel Voltaire was delivered in late 2022. In 2023, the vessel launched her first mission to transport and install 277 wind turbines for the Dogger Bank offshore wind farm in the United Kingdom.
  • The heavy lift vessel Les Alizés was delivered early 2023. Immediately upon delivery, the vessel’s mission equipment was installed in Poland. Specifically, an automated monopile handling system was installed on board, consisting of a set of cradles, a skidding system and an upending hinge to handle the XXL monopiles on board. After this, Les Alizés started her first mission to transport and install 107 foundations and 1 offshore substation for the German offshore wind farms Gode Wind 3 and Borkum Riffgrund 3.

Moreover, 2024 will bring more investment opportunities. Currently our in-house newbuilding department has various investment proposals on its drawing board, both for offshore and dredging innovations.


Fleeming Jenkin

Under construction - 2026

An unprecedented orderbook of 8.9 billion euro

Jan De Nul Group has a well-spread project portfolio, including several major projects.