New destination for the street corner of Leuvensesteenweg and Julien Trekkerstraat in Zaventem after years of disuse

On the proposal of Flemish Minister of Economy Jo Brouns, the Flemish government has given its principal approval to the draft brownfield covenant Zaventem – J. Trekkerstraat. The brownfield covenant sketches the framework for the redevelopment of this vacant property into a sustainable high-quality building complex for economic functions, with much attention to architectural quality and climate adaptation, a safe access and seamless integration into the surrounding area.

At the corner of Leuvensesteenweg and Julien Trekkerstraat in Zaventem, several office buildings as well as a dwelling have been dilapidating for over 10 years. The vacancy attracts squatters and vandals and gives the neighbourhood a neglected look. The urban zoning of this area and the unsafe access to the Leuvensesteenweg complicate high-quality redevelopment plans.

In consultation with the municipality of Zaventem and Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer (AWV – Agency for Roads and Traffic), property developer Woluwedal BV and project developer PSR have drawn up a brownfield covenant with the Flemish government, aiming for the redevelopment of this site in line with new and sustainable spatial policies. The demolition works are scheduled for the near future.

New office complex with showroom and due attention to climate, nature and local residents

The new buildings will be used entirely for economic functions, with a particular focus on architectural added value and sustainable techniques based on the passive house standards, including electrification of the car park, renewable energy and water recovery.

The forest behind the buildings will provide sports and recreational opportunities for future employees and local residents, as well as a passageway to the adjacent Lozenberg business park.

Facilities for water buffering and infiltration go beyond what is currently required by law. The plans also include facilities for shared mobility and electric vehicles.

Better access for increased safety

To optimise visibility when exiting onto Leuvensesteenweg, we are working towards a joint access together with the owners of the adjacent property.