The pedestrian-cycle bridge at the Rives Ardentes eco-district is completed

Today, Ministers Christophe Collignon and Frédéric Daerden, Mayor of the City of Liège Willy Demeyer and First Deputy-Mayor Christine Defraigne, as well as developers NEO LEGIA, inaugurated the new Passerelle des Reflets pedestrian-cycle bridge in Liège. This new bridge over the Darse de Meuse will link up the future 'Astrid' tram stop with the new Rives Ardentes eco-district. In spring 2024, the overpass will be entirely ready for use.

The Passerelle des Reflets measures 57 metres long and is a central link between the new Rives Ardentes eco-district, the Parc Astrid, the future ‘Astrid’ tram stop and the neighbouring districts of Coronmeuse. It will improve accessibility to public spaces and link up the new green pedestrian areas located on both sides of the Darse de Meuse and Meuse.

The bridge will be accessible to all soft mobility users: cyclists, pedestrians, scooters and people with reduced mobility, via natural ramps park-side and via a ramp and stairs on the tram stop side.

Willy Demeyer, Mayor of Liège: “With Rives Ardentes, we broke down walls to build an overpass. Once crossed, reflections appear and Coronmeuse opens up onto a green and sustainable city.”

Christine Defraigne, First Deputy Mayor of Liège: “Isaac Newton was right when he said: “We build too many walls and not enough bridges”. Inaugurating an overpass is not an everyday occurrence. Our city is developing, creates, builds and wants to meet the constantly expressed demand for a high standard of living. As Councillor in charge of Urban Planning and Heritage, I am delighted of this new installation that will link up two city districts. We praise the coherent and integrated development, this new polarity. My wish is to guide and facilitate the urban development projects, in the interest of a harmonious development of our city. Liège is working towards implementing projects that, on the one hand, shape a large metropolis and, on the other, aims for a four-pronged objective: improving the living environment of its residents, building a sustainable city, facilitating mobility, preserving its heritage.”

François Prüm, Director NEO-LEGIA“The powerful concept of the Rives Ardentes eco-district, «Vivre la nature de Liège» (“Living Liège’s Nature”), in a green, restful environment, with views of water, was an important motive for the first buyers and future residents. Tomorrow, it is their turn to discover before anyone else the Passerelle des Reflets and the progress of the landscaping works. A great number of them booked their spot on the guided tour on Saturday 16/09.”

The Passerelle des Reflets is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for a budget of approximately two million Euros, as part of urban regeneration. Walks and new green spaces were created inside and around the park. A new link with the Pont de l'Atlas and the Quai de Wallonie is also part of the overall landscaping programme.


Front: : Deputy-Mayor of Works in Liege Roland Léonard; Vice-President and Minister for Budget, Civil Service, Equal Opportunities and responsible for Education in Wallonia-Brussels Frédéric Daerden; The Mayor of Liège Willy Demeyer; the First Deputy-Mayor Christine Defraigne; Minister for Housing, Local Authorities and Cities Christophe Collignon; Mayor of Herstal Jean-Louis Lefèbvre.
Back: Manager of the Civil Division at Jan De Nul Group Dirk Van Rompaey; the Managing Director of Willemen Groep Marc Jonckheere; Director and manager of CIT Blaton Frédéric Loriaux.

‘Living Liège’s nature’ at Rives Ardentes

On the 25 hectare Coronmeuse site, developers NEO LEGIA, a consortium between Jan De Nul Group, Willemen Groep and CIT-Blaton, are developing the new Rives Ardentes eco-district in partnership with the City of Liège.

This is a mixed-purpose project: 1,325 dwellings with different typologies are being created, as well as office spaces, local shops, hospitality and services, assisted living accommodation, two childcare centres, sports and leisure facilities, …

Sustainability, ecology, safety and nature are at the heart of the Rives Ardentes eco-district. The site consists of 80 % public spaces, such as green areas, plazas, parks and paths. The powerful concept “Living Liège’s Nature” or « Vivre la nature de Liège », in a green, restful environment, looking out over the water, has been a major motivation for the first buyers and future residents.

Interested in buying?

Out of 168 units of the first development phase put up for sale, 131 (78%) have already been sold. NEO LEGIA have just launched the next marketing phase with a new series of Maisons du Parc and a new apartment building on the Quai.

Official ceremony 'Passerelle des Reflets' in pictures