Code Zero

Safety is everyone’s responsibility

How can we all contribute to the safety of your colleagues?

This is the question we are focusing on today at the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Because safety is everyone's responsibility. Our goal is clear: to work together to ensure a safe workplace and to come ever closer to zero accidents.

At the end of the day, we all want to return from work safely. We went out and asked our colleagues how they put this into practice. Be inspired by their answers in our new campaign video about our road to Zero Accidents.

Code Zero
‘Zero accidents' is part of the elaborate corporate programme Code Zero, which gives all departments of Jan De Nul a boost to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. The well-being and prosperity of the world population are under pressure and we are confronted with extreme natural phenomena. Code Zero gathers different insights to work on Zero Breaches, Zero Waste, Zero Emissions and Zero Accidents. Backed by our 'Imagine, Th!nk, Act' way of working, we are confident that we can successfully meet these challenges.

Zero Accidents campaign