Beach clean-up

Successful beach clean-ups in the United Arab Emirates and Colombia

In recent weeks, both our teams in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Barranquilla (Colombia) organised beach clean-ups.

After a successful beach clean-up campaign last year, 22 colleagues from the Dubai Waterfront logistics and operational team gathered on November 14th for another clean-up campaign. After having started the day with a toolbox meeting on climate awareness, they went to work on the beach. On a strip of 300 meters, they collected no less than 18m³– a container full – of waste. During the clean-up action, Mr. Abdul Majeed Bin Shir, representative of the Dubai Municipality Waste Management Department, paid a visit to support the team.

In Barranquilla, 9 JDN project members, together with 100 volunteers from neighbouring associations, participated in a beach clean-up organised by the European Dredging Company Sucursal Colombia on November 21st. Many hands make a great work force and at the end of the clean-up operation, 16m³ of waste had been cleared from the beaches of Puerto Mocho. Besides the clean-up operation, the group also raised environmental awareness by distributing flyers – on eco-friendly paper – to beach visitors and to the beach businesses. A successful initiative, as the officials from the mayor's office and representatives of our client also noticed on site.