Code Zero

Together we are building a sustainable future

Zero Breaches, Zero Waste, Zero Accidents and Zero Emissions. These are the four pillars of Jan De Nul's new corporate programme Code Zero. For more text and explanation, we brought all primary contributors to the programme around the table. Their vision is unanimous: the focus is not so much on the individual goals, but rather on the common road towards them. Which fits in perfectly with the Imagine-Think-Act approach that has since become part of Jan De Nul's DNA.

For sailing enthusiasts, Code Zero is a well-known concept. After all, this type of sail offers the chance to catch more wind and thus go faster. That is also the intention of Jan De Nul's sustainability programme of the same name: creating a strong impulse to better foster corporate social responsibility (CSR) in our activities.

code zero

Stronger together

Isabelle Herteleer, CSR Coordinator: "Code Zero is a milestone for us rather than a starting point. We have been working on safety and energy management, among other things, for a long time. But this programme will allow us to combine all forces under one banner from now on. Previously, we had silos. Now we are far more integrated and the better for it.”

Christophe Leroy, QHSSE Manager: “Indeed. Code Zero emphasises cooperation and transparency. We want to use the four priorities to send an accessible, concrete message to our employees and the outside world. Something that inspires people to jump on the bandwagon. Because one thing is clear: Jan De Nul is only a part of the story. To make a real difference, we aim for everyone's support, from our own employees and clients to suppliers and local communities."

No revolution, but evolution

Michel Deruyck, Head of Energy Department: "The world will look completely different by 2050. In order to effectively face the biggest challenges, such as climate change, we need to change course now. Jan De Nul is very much aware of that. As a global organisation, we bear a responsibility independent of government regulations or external pressures. With Code Zero, we want to demonstrate that we take corporate social responsibility seriously."

Colette Cooreman-Algoed, ITA Project Manager: "For our CSR strategy to be successful, it is important to get all employees on the same page from the start and to acquire broad internal support. We want to involve everyone in order to maximise their contribution. With Code Zero, we provide them with the tools."

Christophe: That fits in perfectly with our Imagine-Think-Act approach. Operational control is the key to success. Colleagues who do their jobs well and want to continuously improve themselves automatically contribute to our CSR ambitions. Achieving the targets that lead to the zero objectives is then the icing on the cake. In short, it is not a revolution, but an evolution."

Moving up a gear

Michel: "Meanwhile, the first initiatives under the Code Zero umbrella have been launched. For example, in the Belgian coastal towns of Raversijde and Knokke, we dredge using 100% sustainable biofuel and we subscribe to the Science-Based Targets initiative to meet the objectives of the Paris climate agreement."

Isabelle: "We are also committed to a sustainable procurement policy, circular solutions and training in our Code of Conduct. And that is just the beginning: for each of the four pillars within Code Zero, we are translating our ambitions into definitive actions that reinforce and complement each other."

Colette: "Code Zero gives our CSR strategy the impetus to really move forward positively. The aim: stimulating a movement that has been around for some time, but is now ready to move up a gear."