Together we do better!

Should everyone stick to his trade? At Jan De Nul we do not think so. Both within and outside our own divisions we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise. Because together we do better! Two inspiring initiatives that stimulate mutual communication.

Cross division leadership visit
Because one fresh look can sometimes notice more than twenty trained eyes, we organised a cross division leadership visit. Captain Johan De Backer and work planner Sam Van Cauter gave each other an insight in their own workplace. Sam went on board the Hondius and Johan visited the Leopold II tunnel in Brussels. As managers from different divisions, they were able to give suggestions to each other, based on their knowledge and experience gained. An example of how a captain and a work planner can lead to a perfect cross-pollination.

Also at other sites we want to prevent rather than cure. In order to share interesting knowledge and experience gained, Jurgen Vandamme organised a first SKILL-session (Sharing Knowledge, Innovation and Lessons Learned). Specific execution details such as waterproofing or the organisation of a site; everything is possible. This way, he does not only want to build a bridge between the different sites, he also wants to offer a helping hand. So everybody knows which colleague he can consult for help.

Please do not hesitate and break free, also at your own project. Share your knowledge and take it to the next level!