ITA movie

Our corporate video #WEAREITA won a Silver Dolphin

Team in Batam

We breathe and speak ITA. It is how we work. Worldwide.


This evening, Envisan received the Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship as a recognition for its sustainability programme.

Project Manager in Texel

Project Managers direct projects. They retain overall supervision. They communicate, consult and are indispensable for producing results.

Project team in Taiwan

The Formosa 1 (Phase2) OWF project is in full preparation. The JDN project team and the client are immersed in ITA, 'the way we work'.

Davy Spriet in Panama

Davy Spriet has been working for a few years now as project manager in PSA Panama on the extension of the (already operational) container terminal.


Jan De Nul Group ordered four Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHD) equipped with exhaust gas treatment systems in order to reduce harmful emissions.


Jan De Nul Group wins DPC Innovation Award 'Best Dredging Equipment

Jan De Nul Rocks in Benin

There should always be time for a bit of music, also in Benin. That is why Jan De Nul brought along with its ship, the Pompei, 52 musical instruments for the lo