Tuesday, June 25, is dedicated to one thing and one thing only: International Day of the Seafarer.
Passing on knowledge to the next generation
The future is in the next generations! That's why we, together with RTC, organised 7 training days for students in secondary vocational and technical education.
Cable-laying vessel Connector will take care of the transport and installation of the cables.
Jan De Nul Group will supply, install and test three alternating current cables from the Princess Elisabeth Island to the Belgian electricity grid.
Vaquita 01
Jan De Nul Group ordered four Unmanned Survey Vehicles to perform hydrographic and quality surveys on maritime and offshore projects. A first in the industry!
The Tristão da Cunha, one of Jan De Nul’s recent trailing hopper suction dredger with a capacity of 3.500m², also equipped with ULEv-technology (Ultra Low Emission vessel).
Jan De Nul Group signed a contract with Goa Shipyard Limited for the construction of a plug-in hybrid specifically designed to operate in small harbours.
Jan De Nul Group and its partners are now starting the actual creation and further development of the mangrove island. An important milestone for the project.
Verkeerscomplex R0xA201
Flemish government gives green light to traffic-safe exchanger in green environment.
The Connector, one of our cable laying vessels
We have agreed to work together with Fortescue to connect continents of high energy production to continents of high energy consumption.
Port Hedland Australia
The Pilbara Ports Authority once again engages the expertise of Jan De Nul Group to expand Port Hedland’s infrastructure.