Jan De Nul Sunfish Luchterduinen

The cable network below the seabed

Offshore wind energy comes ashore along cables in tidal areas and on land itself. But how do you bury a cable up to 8 metres under the beach?

The tools to bury cables in these shallow areas were inadequate. Until Jan De Nul’s Sunfish changed that. This page gives you a first impression, but did you know that our quarterly newsletter Focus has a whole lot more to offer? Expect to find a load of extra exclusive photos, mind-boggling figures and fascinating video content on this an many other topics. Not subscribed yet? Time to make it happen!

The Sunfish was born as an intertidal ploughing vehicle. The tool was later equipped with a chaincutter to bury an export cable. Today, the Sunfish is fully customised to lower an export cable by means of waterjetting technology.

Sunfish Luchterduinen export cable