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Area development project Dijledonk enters next phase

A new year, a new information meeting

The Dijledonk project team organises, together with the local council of Rijmenam (Bonheiden) and the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency, a second information meeting for local residents of the former Meurop site in Rijmenam.

Last summer, local residents and other interested parties were informed a first time about the vision and ambitions for Dijledonk. The big turnout and interesting interaction with over 300 enthusiastic visitors of the information market showed that the redevelopment plans are warmly welcomed in Rijmenam.

The project team noted down all feedback and has, over the past six months, set to work with it together with the relevant public stakeholders. This has now been translated into a more detailed draft master and project phasing plan, which will again be presented to the local residents on Tuesday, 21 January.

In 2019, we also submitted an application for a brownfield covenant*, the principles of which were approved of by the competent Flemish Deputy Prime Minister Hilde Crevits on 8 November. During this new information meeting, there will be sufficient room for interaction about this brownfield covenant.

* Brownfields are derelict or underutilised sites that are difficult to redevelop (for instance former industrial sites). A brownfield covenant is a partnership agreement between the project developer, OVAM and the local council.

About Dijledonk

Dijledonk is an area development project on the former Meurop site in Rijmenam.

The affordable design furniture of Meurop put Rijmenam on the map in the 1950s and 60s. This factory introduced a new living style to the whole country, long before IKEA and many others came up with the same idea. Meanwhile, the Meurop site has been left empty for quite some time but this iconic location remains closely associated with a wonderful living style.

Dijledonk has the ambition to develop in the coming years into an accessible rural residential area along the waterside, where leisure activities, housing, working and living together go hand in hand. The former industrial activities have left their marks in the soil and some spots are in need of a thorough remediation.

After having acquired the derelict premises in 2018, the private developers PSR (Jan De Nul Group) and COGIVA set up the joint venture Dijledonk for remediating and redeveloping the site towards a mixed destination. Dijledonk wants to bring the site back to life in close consultation with all parties involved.

Consultation meeting on the brownfield covenant and presentation of the Dijledonk master plan

A new residential area in the make: welcome on Tuesday, 21 January (18.00 – 21.00 h).
Entrance via former Meurop buildings: Oude Keerbergsebaan 8-10 in Rijmenam.

More information | Tuesday, 21 January

Town planning department
Martine De Wandeleer – 015 50 28 36
Kristin Iliaens – 015 50 28 46

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency
Wim Van Asschot – 0499 54 64 15
Annemie Noordman – 03 260 87 16

Follow the development project on www.dijledonk.be